The admission order

Entrance examinations for foreign citizens are held in the form of an interview concerning level knowledge of the Russian language in which the University provides training. If a foreign citizen passes the interview successfully he becomes a first year student of the University by the decision of Admission Committee. A contract is concluded with the foreign student. According to this contract the Rector issues the order about student’s admission.
In case of insufficient knowledge of the Russian language or specialized subjects the applicant can be trained at the preparatory department that has two directions: technical and economic. After a successful completion of the curriculum and passing exams the student is issued the certificate of the completion of the preparatory department. The student is enrolled on the main faculty of the chosen speciality of BSATU or can continue his study at any University of the Republic of Belarus or Commonwealth of Independent States. The training at the preparatory department takes 1 year. The students learn the Russian language and other subjects depending on the speciality they are going to obtain.