Agro-power faculty



Dean Ivan Pratasavitski
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone: +375 17 267 04 25
Dean’s office: +375 17 267 33 83





The agro-power faculty is a unique faculty in the Republic of Belarus that trains skilled specialists in the field of agribusiness power engineering.

The faculty was founded in 1957. More than 15000 specialists have graduated from the faculty since that time.

There are 9 chairs and 44 training laboratories at the faculty. The faculty provides all necessary facilities for teaching process: educational methodical complexes, on-line textbooks, educational and methodical literature for lab and practical classes. Innovative educational technologies are used during the whole educational process.More than 100 highly qualified teachers, professors and associate professors make up the staff of the faculty.

The scientific results on up-to-date directions of electrification and automatization in agriculture are used in educational process. The students are taught how to increase reliability of power supply of rural users, to optimize electrical equipment, to apply alternative energy sources, to improve and design new power saving technologies.

The educational process is closely integrated with business. The students have practical training to improve their professional skills. Some of the chairs have their subdivisions at industrial enterprises and research institutions.
Besides, the students of the faculty have possibilities to be trained abroad (Germany, Holland, Great Britain, and Switzerland).

The graduates of the faculty are in great demand at power industry and different enterprises of the agro-industrial complex.
The students of the faculty are trained on the following specialities:

1-53 01 09
Automation of Technological Processes and Production
4.5 years Engineer
1-74 06 05
Energy Supply in Agriculture
4.5 years Engineer

Master's degree programme

1-74 80 06
Electrotechnologies and Electric Equipment in Agriculture
Master of Science in Engineering 1 year