Agromechanical faculty


Dean Viktar Loukis
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone: +375 17 267 06 72
Dean’s office: +375 17 267 44 13





The agromechanical faculty as well as the University was founded in 1954. It is a leading educational scientific subdivision of the University. Specialists with innovative thinking and developed leadership qualities are trained here. The students can carry out technological, administrative, research, scientific and educational work in the field of designing, technical service and maintenance of automobile and tractor park. They get fundamental knowledge in the field of technical sciences, humanities, foreign economy and languages, management of agricultural enterprises.
About 20000 agroengineering specialists have been prepared at the faculty. The graduates are in great demand.
The teaching staff of the faculty is represented by highly qualified specialists with pedagogical, practical and scientific experience. Innovative methods of education are used in teaching process. High-level specialists' training is provided at 11 chairs.

The logistical basis of the faculty meets all modern requirements of scientific progress and engineering specialists' training. There are affiliated chairs at the leading enterprises of the country. Their main purpose is integration of education, science and production while preparing practically oriented specialists in agri-business.
The students undergo an industrial practical training at advanced farm enterprises. Besides they have opportunities to be trained abroad (Germany, Holland, Great Britain and Switzerland).
The students of the faculty are trained on the following specialities:


1-74 06 01

Technical Support of Agricultural Production Processes

Engineer 4.5 years

1-36 12 01

Agricultural Equipment Design and Production

Engineer 4.5 years