Engineering and Technology faculty


Dean Andrei Brench
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone: +375 17 263 67 58
Dean’s office: +375 17 267 39 96





The faculty was founded in January, 2011. It trains specialists who are able to perform industrial-engineering, research, managerial, scientific and teaching activities in the field of farm processing, metrology, standardization and labour protection management.

Highly qualified teaching staff has great pedagogical, practical and scientific experience. More than 70 teachers work at 7 chairs of the faculty.

The faculty has a modern and technical basis for theoretical and practical training of the specialists and for research work. The best students are offered postgraduate courses.
Practical training is carried out at the leading enterprises of the republic and research institutes. Close interaction between theoretical and practical studying helps to prepare highly qualified specialists. The graduates of the faculty are in great demand.

The students are given the opportunity of practical training at advanced enterprises, organizations and research institutions of the Republic of Belarus, as well as an internship in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and Holland. They also can receive a driving license.

All the subjects taught at the faculty are supplied with necessary literature, including textbooks, teaching aids, educational complexes, lecture notes and other materials essential for the successful development of the chosen speciality.

The students of the faculty are trained on the following specialities:

1-74 06 02
Technical Support of Agricultural Products Storage and Processing
Engineer 4,5 years
1-74 06 07
Occupational Safety Administration in Agriculture
Engineer 4,5 years
1-54 01 01
Metrology, Standardization and Certification 

4,5 years

Master's degree programme 

1-74 80 08
Technology of Food Products
Master of Science in Technology, Master of Science in Agriculture 1 year
1-59 80 01
Labour Protection 
Master of Science in Engineering 1 year