Faculty of Electrification (extramural education)




Dean Karyna Harkusha
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone: +3751726748 05




The faculty of electrification was founded in 2007. It was based on the extramural department of agro-power faculty.

School-leavers and graduates from agricultural colleges are trained at the faculty. Nowadays approximately 2600 correspondence-course students get higher education here.

The faculty prepares skilled specialists who have good knowledge in the field of energy-saving technologies and who are capable of making economically sound decisions to use energy effectively.

The educational process is provided by highly qualified teaching staff. All the teachers carry out the research work in power engineering and are well-oriented in power-consuming technological processes of farm production and in methodology of energetic audit.

All the graduatesof the faculty are in great demand at electrotechnical and power producing agricultural enterprises; farm products storage and processing enterprises; service, installation, commissioning, engineering and research organizations, rural electric utilities.

The students of the faculty are trained on the following specialities:

1-74 06 05
Energy Supply in Agriculture
Engineer 5.5 years