Faculty of Mechanization (extramural education)



Dean Ihar Kruk
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone: +375 17 267 61 85





The faculty was founded in 2007. It is the legal successor of extramural faculty that was functioning at the University during 1956-1993. The desire of many specialists to receive higher technical education while working in different spheres of national economy has grown recently. It is connected with increasing value of higher education, fast promotion of highly qualified specialists and realization of the State Programmes of the Republic of Belarus.

At present about 3000 correspondence-course students are trained at the faculty.The students haveall the necessary facilities for receiving high quality education. Training laboratories are equipped with up-to-date agricultural machinery of the Belarusian and foreign producers, equipment for storage and processing of agricultural production and for maintenance of farm machinery.

While studying, the students have the opportunity to learn the achievements of science and technology and apply them at their workplace. The use of modern technologies makes the educational process intensive.

The graduates of the faculty are in great demand. They work at different enterprises of agro-industrial complex.

The students of the faculty are trained on the following specialities:

1-74 06 01

Technical Support of Agricultural Production Processe



5.5 years
1-74 06 02

Technical Support of Agricultural Products Storage and Processing

Engineer  5.5 years
1-74 06 03

Repair Service Production in Agriculture

Engineer  5.5 years
1-74 06 06

Logistic Support of Agricultural and Industrial Sector

Engineer. Manager  5.5 years
1-74 06 07

Occupational Safety Administration in Agriculture

Engineer  5.5 years