Farm machinery service faculty


Dean Alexey Miranovich

Candidate of Technical Sciences

Phone: + 375 17 267 31 31
Dean's Office: + 375 17 267 17 84





The farm machinery service faculty is a unique faculty in the Republic of Belarus that trains qualified engineers and engineers-managers for agro-technical service. The faculty was founded in 2000.

The faculty consists of 7 chairs. More than 120 highly qualified teachers, professors and associate professors work at the faculty.

The faculty has modern material and technical basis: research laboratories equipped with diagnostic, scientific and technological equipment, workshops for students' training practice, classrooms, computer classes.
Currently, about 850 students are trained at the faculty. Among them there are citizens of foreign countries such as Turkmenistan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Iraq, Iran and others.

The graduates of the faculty are prepared to work in the sphere of technology and means of maintenance, diagnosis and repair of machines; management processes of the organization and planning of the logistical support, logistics agro services. They can work at agricultural, agro service enterprises, dealerstechnical centers of manufacturing plants, logistics centers, research organizations and etc. The graduates also have an opportunity to continue their education on postgraduate courses.

Besides, the students of the faculty have possibilities to undergo practice abroad on farms of Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and other countries.

The students of the faculty are trained on the following specialities:

1-74 06 03
Repair Service Production in Agriculture
Engineer 4.5 years
1-74 06 06
Logistic Support of Agro-industrial Sector
Engineer. Manager 4.5 years

Master's degree programme

1-74 80 07
Technology and Maintenance in Agriculture
Master of Science in Engineering 1 year