Visa receiving procedure

A foreign citizen who desires to study at the University should contact the Department of International Relations (DIR) of BSATU with a request to issue an invitation for the training, which is issued according to the form (Appendix 1). The basis for issuing an invitation is a copy of the passport of the invited person, copies of education certificates (with Russian translation).

Requests should be sent to:

The Republic of Belarus,
220023 Minsk, Belarus,
Nezavisimosti ave., 99.
Tel. / fax: + 375 17 267 07 84

After taking the favourable decision on the possibility to study at the University, the DIR prepares to issue an invitation for the training. The invitation is to be agreed with the Office of Citizenship and Migration of Minsk on an invited person having no entry limits to the Republic of Belarus. Agreed invitations are sent to the recipient.
Under the educational invitation a foreign citizen gets a student visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus and comes to the University.