The University today

Nowadays Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University (BSATU) is a rapidly growing multi-disciplinary teaching and research center of the Republic of Belarus, which trains highly qualified specialists.

The structure of the University includes University Administration, 8 faculties, 42 chairs, 27 departments and services. The University has the Republican educational and industrial center of practical training of innovations and development of new machinery complexes. The Republican educational, scientific and industrial association ''Agroengineer'' was founded in BSATU in 2007. It comprises 14 agrarian colleges. More than 15000 students are taught there, and 500-600 of them enter the University annually according to the system of continuous integrated professional education. The scientific and research institute of mechanization and electrification of agriculture and the professional development and retraining Institute of agribusiness specialists affiliate with the University.

Specialists for agro-industrial complex are trained at the main faculties: